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Christmas Paws Blog Hop

BTS & Wild Child Publishing Presents ~ Christmas Paws Blog Hop December 3rd - 10th

Within my book Going off Dreams the main protagonist, Eryn, has two pets. An elderly cat named Smokie and a big dog named Bryan. Originally, the earthly realm of Eryn reflected more of my real life. During the writing process and going through the many drafts, it was too complicated and complex to continue to write my real life into Eryn's. So, in the final drafts I created a new life for Eryn and the only ones that remained were my pets: Smokie and Bryan. 

Animals have always been a part of my life. It has been scientifically proven that they help lower blood as well as many other attributes. To help celebrate the Christmas Paws Blog Hop I will be giving away a free copy of my e-book Going off Dreams. All you have to do is leave a comment and a winner will be determined and announced before Christmas! Make sure in your comment, if you have a pet(s) or have had pet(s) to share a favorite memory or tell us something about them. We look forward to what you share!
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Once known as "Fat Cat" Smokie has been with us now for nearly 20 years. It all started when I was 18 and considering moving out on my own with my best friend at the time. She had stated how she wanted a cat - me being the good friend that I was - I made my way to the local animal shelter to acquire a cat. 

He might be an "Old Man" but he's still has a spring in his step.

Walking into the kitten room, there were so many little falls of fur running around. Originally, I had picked out a cute little black cat. As fate would have it, this cat was already collared which meant that it was already claimed and in the adoption process. So, as I sat there looking around, here came a more mature cat walking right up to me. The little lady that was accompanying me through the process explained that "Squiggles" had been there for about a year now and if he doesn't get adopted soon, then he wouldn't last much longer there. She must have read the sucker tattoo on my forehead. Of course I couldn't let that happen - so, I picked him up and knew he was the cat that I would be taking home.

Smokie getting ready to pounce!

Squiggles was the name that the animal shelter had given him because of his little squiggly lines running through his fur. But, this wasn't a name I thought would best fit him and his personality. He was never really a 'kitten' he was more of a Garfield. My cousin is the one that gave him the name Smokie and it has been that way ever since. Of course we have nicknames for him; when he was younger and fatter he was "fat cat". Now that he is older (and we can no longer call him fat cat because he's lost weight) he's now just "old man".

Smokie in the arms of my niece - his BFF

Unbeknownst to my parents, I had brought this cat home and had been keeping him in my bedroom. There is a perfectly good explanation for this: because my parents said I couldn't bring a cat into the house. My best friend at the time had changed her mind about moving out, I had already adopted the cat. Meanwhile, we had a Golden Labrador Retriever at the time and the two did not get along in the beginning. It was more that Sunny (our family dog) was curious about the new family member, and Smokie wasn't having it. I was eventually found out and Smokie has been a cherished family member ever since

Smokie and I have been through a lot together. He moved with me twice now. Once when I was around 18, we moved into a townhouse with room mates. It was a rather stressful time and he kept trying to escape outside. When I moved back home with my parents, he was happy again because he could return to his patrol outside. He would remain with my parents for the next ten-plus years. In this time my dad had been feeding him, sometimes, two cans of tuna a day. This is when Smokie really packed on the pounds. But, they had a great bond. I always thought it was adorable that Smokie would sit on his back legs and "box" with my dad. My dad had been a golden glove champion, in his younger days, back in Massachusetts, so it was adorable watching the two of them square off and play box.

Smokie when he was a.k.a "Fat Cat"

In 2002 I had married and had a child. When we were able to afford our own home I was finally able to move Smokie in with us. This was a special time for me because I had felt like I had left Smokie behind for a couple years. He knew this and was just as happy to come live with us in our new home. He loved being there with me just as much as I loved having him there. I didn't let him out too often because there were a lot of wild cats there and I didn't want to risk anything, but since he was getting older he didn't mind as much. Smokie was ecstatic when we built a screened in porch where he could be the king of the pride and lay on his royal perch watching the neighborhood and what was going on.

Smokie had always been a cat that only showed real affection when he wanted something. He had a way of communicating with you that he needed something too. If he wasn't in the mood to be nice, then he would hop up onto the counter and start knocking stuff off to get our attention. I can still tell him to "show me" and he'll walk to wherever it is that he needs. He's walked me to his water bowl plenty of times before because it was empty and he wanted water and the same goes with eating. Smokie will go crazy when we use an electric can opener (from his two cans of tuna-a-day days). He has his favorite treats: spaghetti sauce and olives. As a special treat we will let him roll around in Cat Nip, but not all the time because he can get carried away. Even though he's an old man he still has that spunk that we all fell in love with.

This is his "Do Not Disturb" face.
As he's aged he's become more affectionate. I often tell him that he's getting soft in his old age. Now, when we retire for the night to watch T.V. he is usually nearby or on my lap. Now that Christmas is officially taken over the house, he's happy. He's always loved Christmas. He loves laying under the tree - when he was younger he would climb up into the fake tree. Some of his favorite things to do during this time of year are to "help" with wrapping, even by getting inside the boxes to inspect them before they are to be used.

Smokie has always loved Christmas time!

Smokie has been by my side through my divorce and a couple failed relationships. He's helped me through loosing my home and now that we are back with my parents he helped me through is own perspective. He was happy to be back outside in the yard he knows, to him he was home. So, I was happy knowing that he is happy to be back here. He always seems to sense when I am depressed or sad. Especially when my son passed, he was always nearby. There have been many hard nights and Smokie has been there. His purring is soothing to the soul and helps me to keep my center during times when it seems things are spinning out of control. He's there purring, calling me back.

All this Christmas stuff is exhausting... time for a cat nap.

Smokie is a part of the family. He's older than my nieces and has been with us for quite some time now. You know he is loved because my sister an her eldest daughter are allergic to him and have to take medication to just be in the same house as him. They wouldn't do that if they didn't care - and Smokie shows his appreciation by trying to rub up against them whenever they're around. Have you ever noticed that - if you are allergic to an animal that they make more effort to come around you more?

Helping Mommy with wrapping.

Smokie is still kicking and shows no signs of leaving us anytime soon. Although, we know life can change in a blink of an eye. He is gracious in sharing the house with two other pets. Bryan is a six year old 100 pound mutt and they have been together since Bryan was a puppy. Smokie was a great mentor in teaching Bryan the ropes of home living. We rescued Bryan around 2007 from Rainbow Tails Rescue. He's a goofy dog but has brought us a lot of joy and laughter. Smokie and Bryan are best buds.

Bryan sitting like a good boy

The other pet that shares the house with Smokie and Bryan is Sammy. He's my parent's dog. He's about a year or two younger than Bryan, he's about 5 years old now. He's a little ball of craziness. Sammy's never really been around cats so he still is trying to figure out Smokie. Which, Smokie has a lot of experience with the dealings of dogs - so he knows what to do best - ignore. But, he doesn't hesitate to put Sammy in his place. It can be quite comical watching them all interacting.

My Niece Arden & Sammy

Bryan - The Protector

My Niece Eryn & Smokie

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Monday, August 19, 2013


When we agreed to foster dogs, I never thought I would have to move and risk their security. Unfortunately, through circumstances beyond my control, we have to move. Where we are moving to has already stated that we cannot bring Ripken with us, the last of the puppies we had taken in. Rip is one of the most lovable dogs I have ever been around. He doesn't know his size, and sometimes he thinks he's a lap dog. He is probably close to a year old now. Ripken is crate trained and should be kept in his crate while he is unsupervised, he is still a puppy and while he has matured a lot he can still get into mischief. Potty training he does well with as long as he is on a strict schedule and gets daily exercise. He does require water intake supervision, if he drinks too much he has a harder time and could possibly have an accident.

Here are some precious video's my cousin was able to take of Ripken. You'll see, he loves to roll around in tall grass. He loves to be outside and on this rare day, he wasn't too interested in the tennis ball as he normally would have been. I love playing ball with Rip cause he pounces on the ball and I think it's really cute. Ripken knows the command for 'sit' and 'paw'. He is a trainable dog and he needs a fur'ever home a.s.a.p. If you or anyone you know if interested, PLEASE email and inquire about Ripken. Thank you.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Ripken's Return

It's been a learning experience, even when we thought he had a great future with a great new family, not everything works out the way you envision. Unfortunately, Ripken didn't work out in his new home. It was reported that he showed signs of aggression toward their 1 year old son and male visitors they had come into their home. When we were working and testing Ripken around children, he did not show any signs of aggression toward any of the kids that we had him around. Since I have had him back, the first night he growled at my dog Bryan, but has since been absolutely fine. He has not shown a single ounce of aggression toward people.
As I reported before, he does has crate issues if other dogs come around his crate (especially while he is eating). We have been taking special care to keep the other two dogs away from Rip while he is in his crate to avoid any of these behaviors. Ripken is totally crate trained and since we have had him back I am thrilled to report he has not had a single accident inside of the house. We have him on a strict schedule and this really has been working well. I believe he would be best with a family that do not have other pets or young children. My nieces are 8 and 7 and he was putty in their hands. My cousin's (+Rainbow Tails Rescue)  nephews are a little younger and she reported that Rip was great with them as well. He needs to have daily exercise and a fenced in back yard would be preferable. We believe he is a chocolate lab mix with possibly a bermeise mountain dog. He is approximately 8 months to a year old, he's a big puppy. His unique features are his eyes and he has his duclaws. He's a big teddy bear - goof ball that needs a loving, patient home.
If you would like to inquire about Ripken, you can email

Friday, July 5, 2013

Ripken's Rescue

Yesterday, the 4th of July, our lovable teddy bear was adopted. He's in a new home now and has a wonderful family that will give him the awesome home he so desperately deserves.

Thinking Back

When we first picked him up from the transport, he was filthy and I remember thinking that he was a big puppy. But, his cuteness was his saving grace sometimes. When we brought him home I bathed him (twice) and groomed him. He looked like a different dog once we cared for him. His journey was a shaky one at first. We were worried because of some of his behaviors, which if you have followed his progress you are aware of how far he's come. Seeing Ripken leave with his new family made all the trials we went through worth it. All the
clothes he destroyed or ate, the electrical chords he chewed through, all the training... I know that through our trials and tribulations, seeing him behaving appropriately with new people, especially a one year old, was great.
We took this dog from a shelter and brought him into our home, in attempts to train him so that he could have a better chance with a successful adoption. His new family has been in contact with me and reported that he is a joy and adjusting well. The pictures speak for themselves as well. I am so happy for Ripken.

And here we are... 

We finally found the right home. He has a fenced in back-yard and a little human to play with. He is going to an experienced family, their previous canine companion was a St. Bernard! They reported that they have a lot of tennis balls (which Ripken absolutely loves) so I am confident that he is happy, healthy, and secure.

People have questioned "How can you do that?" In reference to letting go of the dogs. It's simple for me really. I knew from the start the goal, to foster shelter dogs so that they can have the chance to acclimate to a home environment to give them a better chance of a successful adoption. Seeing them go to their new families is a happy experience. We gave these dogs this chance, otherwise they may have never of been adopted.
To all the families out there that have adopted rescue or shelter dogs - Thank You!!

Friday, June 21, 2013

A'ella Up For Adoption

A'ella the day we brought her
home from the shelter

We have enjoyed this little girl for the past few weeks. Unfortunately, I am unable to give her what she needs. This was a hard decision that we had to make. A'ella is a fiesty, energetic, and fun beagle-pit mix. She's approximately 6 months old. While we've made progress with house training, she still has accidents. But, I am confident with someone that can focus more on her potty training, she'll get-it; she is a smart cookie!
She really should not be in a house with other animals. I have a 19 year old cat, he is well seasoned with dogs and he knows how to 'show them the ropes'. But, nearly two months later and A'ella still does not fully respect the cats space. We have two outside cats as well and if she knows they are around she goes into, what I like to call 'crazy mode'. My cousin introduced us to the gentle leader and this has helped a lot! She doesn't like it, but it makes her listen to your commands and actions.
A'ella is great with kids and people. She is a love bug and when she does nap, she loves to curl up with you. She definitely needs a lot of exercise to get rid of some of her adolescence antics.
We have two other dogs and her energy level can cause outbursts, so I would suggest if she is going to be in a fur'ever home with other animals to seek professional training with her a.s.a.p.
She is a lot of fun to play with, she loves to play with the laser pointer, chasing it around, and she loves squeaky toys. While she had success with learning to fetch, if you leave her with the ball, she will tear into it. She will make someone a great companion. If you are interested email

Friday, June 7, 2013

Wait Watch Wonder: Our Favorite Movies Bloghop

I think that this hop could be fun on different levels. It will sort-of be like seven degrees of sepatration. You write about a favorite movies of yours, visit another site in the hop and comment on their choice, then choose an actress or actor from their movie and write about another movie that they are in... easy enough - right? Join the hop! Visit the site here: Wait Watch Wonder: Our Favorite Movies Bloghop: I have this idea for a bloghop. I have a love for movies so what better way to get a bloghop rolling then sharing our favorite movies. Blog...

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Nothing in Life is Free Training Concept

Techniques for humans to demonstrate the dominant behavior for a dog to understand:

  • "Mount" your dog. This is not an inappropriate behavior, dogs often do this to show dominance, it is not a sexual act.
  • Nip their ear. I would never condone physical abuse, in anyway. But, we have to understand that our dogs life is very physical. If you watch an alpha dog in a pack, they will psychically show their position by holding a pack member down. 
  • Along this train of thought - manipulating a dog to lay on their side while you hold them down is an alpha dog behavior and demonstrates your position within the pack.
  • Claiming. An alpha dog or leader of the pack controls everything and the other members of the pack only get what the alpha gives them. When you are claiming something, the dog cannot take it or make an attempt to take the object until you give them permission.
  • Ignoring. If you do not agree with the dogs behavior, then (when it is appropriate) ignore them. If you reward a negative behavior this is called negative reinforcement and by giving them the wrong recognition you could negatively condition them for their inappropriate behavior. For instance, if a dog jumps up on the couch with you and will not let anyone else near you - they are 'claiming' you - this is not acceptable, and you should remove them (push them off) the couch. They will come to understand this, that you do not agree with their actions. Then, when they are able to demonstrate calm and appropriate behavior, then reward them for that by giving affection in some way.
The smallest pack member can be the leader!
This article is a great resource for pet owners that are dealing with insecure dogs. It really stresses how, in the psychology and hierarchy of dogs, that they have to work for everything. Your canine counterpart, without a reasonable doubt, has to understand that you are alpha, that you are the leader. Through my years of experience I have learned a variety of ways that this can be done. 

Nothing In Life Is Free Article

Aberrant Animals

Aberration Blog Hop:Finding The Most Aberrant Characters

By definition aberrant means the departing of an accepted standard, or the diverging from the normal type (Google search, 2013). Author, Lisa Regan, in celebration of the release of her second novel, Aberration, is hosting the blog hop, which runs through June 6th and 7th. In Aberration, FBI profiler, Kassidy Bishop is on the hunt for a serial killer who is an aberration - a freak - even among serial killers. In lieu of Regan's new novel, the Aberration Bog Hop is to highlight characters that, like the serial killer her main protagonist is searching for, might be labeled as 'different'.

Top 5 Aberrant Characters - Animal Edition

5.) Happy Feet (2006) - Mumble (voiced by Elijah Wood) was considered a 'freak' because he wasn't like all the other penguins. Happy Feet on
4.) Babe (1995) - Babe (voiced by Christine Cavanaugh) was a pig raised by dogs and learned to herd sheep. Babe on
3.) An American Tail (1986) - Warren T. Rat (voiced by John Finnegan) presents himself as a rat but is really a cat! An American Tail on
2.) FernGully: The Last Rainforest (1992) - Baty Koda (voiced by Robin Williams) is a bat that has has been the victim of one too many experiments. FernGully: The Last Rainforest on
1.) Dumbo (1941) - Dumbo's mother actually names him Jumbo Jr., but with his 'freaky' physical features of his large ears, he's quickly renamed by some rude elder elephants. Dumbo on

As a writer, almost like a 'bonus' character I would like to introduce you to Xylo. Xylo is an aberrant character within my first book, Going off Dreams (K.E.Nowinsky). She was not always different, but because of her choices in life, she has been transformed into a woodland dryad that is cursed with her indiscretions. To read more about the Woodland Dryad General, Xylo - read Going off Dreams.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Update: Ripken

Adopt a Lovable Teddy Bear!!

Ripken has really been impressing me lately. He is definitely maturing and is getting the hang of living in a home. I would no longer label him as "food aggressive"! Rip has really learned his feeding time etiquette. He no longer rushes or tries to eat the other dogs food. He eats his bowel and then sits and waits until feeding time is over. When we (the humans) are eating, he no longer begs and acts inappropriately. We are very proud of our lovable teddy bear and know that he is going to make someone an awesome companion!
To see his progress is amazing. I know he'll only continue to learn and do well. In the beginning I knew he was going to need training and patience. He tested me in the beginning, but I have fallen in love with him. I really really hope we can find him a lovable, responsible, awesome home for him! He has been doing really well on walks as well. A professional suggested and utilized the Gentle Leader tool and it was a great success. We have also been using the retractable leash with him when he is allowed to explore more. 
We have two dogs already, or else I would be extremely tempted to keep Rip. He would be awesome with kids. He is really gentle too (doesn't have a strong bite tendency) even when he is playing with his ball, he doesn't carry it far before he lets it fall from his grip. He just wants to cuddle and to be loved. If you are interested please visit Rainbow Tails Rescue  When you e-mail them ( you will receive a reply with an application to be completed. This is to ensure that he is going to a deserving home. Because we believe he does deserve the best home possible. We are located in Harford County Maryland, so if you or someone you know is looking to add a wonderful addition to their family, please share this!! Thank you - we look forward to hearing from you soon.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Convictions of the Heart

Random Acts of Kindness

Since I can remember, I have always loved animals. Growing up in the semi-country, I would rescue frogs, turtles, baby birds, baby bunnies, and anything else I could get my hands on. I will never forget raising a wild baby bunny and letting him go after he had grown. I had named him Fritz and my family and I, when we would see a rabbit outside, "there's Fritz!" We use to think that he lived under or near the shed in the back yard. But, my random act of kindness does not involve the rabbit, it involves my love for animals.
Fostering puppies from a shelter has been more challenging then I had anticipated. However, it was a conviction within my heart that this was something I needed to do. With the help of my cousin, who owns her own organization for rescuing animals (Rainbowtails Rescue - I was able to foster dogs. Out of the three we adopted, one has found his fur'ever home and is reportedly doing very well.
The other day we found a box turtle in our back yard! I have been known to pull over, even stop traffic, to help an animal/reptile in distress. A few years ago there was a box turtle in the middle of the street, so I stopped the van and safely moved the turtle to the other side of the street. Being kind to animals reflects the degree of kindness within ourselves. Hug your pets!! Give them your positive energy :)

 photo raoc_zps0fb7dd8c.jpg

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Kids Love Rip!

I would like to send a special thank you to my wonderful cousin Morgan +Rainbow Tails Rescue, who has been helping me with Ripken. She has been taking Rip hiking and other activities. Tonight he got to meet her nephews, who the eldest stated that he wanted to call Rip "Cal, for Cal Ripken" - awesome! "Cal" would make a wonderful pet for children. He has the lab (wanting to please you) demeanor. He has been doing this thing lately, where he will sit back on his hind legs and put both paws on my hand and then he has this 'pout' expression - so adorable! When my niece met Rip, she fell in love with him too. If you are interested in a lovable family dog - e-mail

Monday, May 20, 2013

Ripken Update

Ripken is doing a wonderful job. He is going to make someone a very special dog. Being a large dog breed, he needs exercise and structure. He has been doing pretty well with potty training. He is an insecure dog (not aggressive). Because of his insecurity he can exhibit anxiety. If he does not exert his energy levels then his anxiety can lead to him chewing (i.e. clothes), he is crate trained. He really would benefit from an active family with a fenced in backyard. He does enjoy playing with other dogs, but he may not be too keen on smaller breeds. He is a love bug though! He loves to curl up. With his brown hooded marking, I tell him all the time that he is a big teddy bear. We try to play around with the dogs every evening, and Ripken is finally learning how to 'play' (other then fetch). My dog Bryan is nearly 100 pounds, and they enjoy playing 'tug-a-rope'. He is trainable too, he now knows his commands for 'sit', 'paw', and we started for the first time today with 'speak' and he pretty well, we are also working on 'stay'. Trying to train two puppies is definitely testing my patience.
As Ripken is maturing, it is getting easier though. He is approximately 9 months to a year old, I believe he is a chocolate lab mix. His unique features are his back duclaws and his mismatched paw'nails. Some are dark, and some are light. His chocolate lab hood markings (his head is dark brown) and his eyes are magnificent. My niece Eryn who will be 8, fell in love with him, and Ripken adored her too. He would be wonderful with children. I would not let the kids go near him while he is eating, we are still working on his anxiety levels with feeding, which can be interpreted as food aggression. He desperately needs a family that will love him and I know he will show them unconditional love too. I say desperately, because the longer he is here the more he is going to think this is 'his' home. If you are interested in inquiring about Ripken, please e-mail
So adorable and loving!

The Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan

If you haven't watched The Dog Whisperer on National Geographic Channel, you're missing out! You should definitely watch Cesar Millan (The Dog Whisperer and Leader of the Pack) and his methods before you bring a new canine family member home. Here are the top ten things that I have learned watching Cesar's techniques and learning through his extensive knowledge.
10.) People psychology does not work for dog psychology. We analyze everything and rationalize. Dogs live in the moment.
9.) Myth exposed: a wagging tail does not necessarily mean a happy doggy. It can also be over-excitement which can lead to undesirable behavior.
8.) Take a deep breath! Find the ability within yourself to be calm and assertive, until you find balance within how can you find the balance for anyone else?
7.) Definitely set rules, boundaries, and limitations.
6.) Exercise is crucial! If your canine companion does not exert enough energy, it will bottle up inside of them and then unwanted behaviors, such as shredding or tearing things up, will be the outcome. One of the main things Cesar demonstrates is walking with your dog(s). This is a pack behavior and they can understand the importance of being in their pack.

5.) Find your authoritative signature. Cesar's is a sound "tsch" usually with a snap from his fingers. This snaps the dogs from what they are doing and the goal is for the dog to then focus on Cesar.
4.) You can't show weakness and be a pack leader. If you do not lead, then either the dominant dog will take the position, or your more submissive dogs could become confused and exhibit signs of anxiety or being confused (unwanted behavior).
3.) If your dog is barking don't pull them back, this excites them more and will aggravate the situation further. If you have a dominant possessive dog that is 'guarding' you (i.e. people can't get close to you without the dog barking and attempting to bite). Remove your dog, put them down on the floor, this tells them it is a behavior you do not agree with.
2.) You need love and patience when attempting to train or 'deal with' a dog. Try to keep a calm demeanor, dogs read energy.
1.) Cesar rehabilitates dogs, but he trains their humans. Most of the time there are issues with the owners and it resonates through miscommunication from owner to pet. Think of people trying to communicate that are speaking different languages and there are no universal body language.
This makes me think of how my point my finger when I am cross. Training our new puppy A'ella, I was pointing my finger at her and telling her that we were just outside and there is no reason that she relieved herself on our carpet - again. Being a puppy, everything goes into their mouths, because they are learning and teething (just like babies). So, naturally to her, she wanted to nibble on my finger.
Don't attempt to work with certain animals without professional help or training. The reason Cesar makes it look so easy is because he has years of experience. He knows the pack linguistics and dog behavior. He can deal with an aggressive dog by claiming something - I wouldn't necessarily attempt the technique if you haven't watched his program, read his books, or understand the concepts.
Even though I have been around animals my entire life, I still have to watch Cesar's show all the time to remind myself of what I need to do, and what I could be doing wrong. When we decided to foster dogs, I had the desire to home dogs that had been in a shelter, to give them a better chance of finding their forever homes.
Until next time or the next... dream ~ K.E.Nowinsky

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Spot-on Spotbot

For Mother's day my boyfriend and son bought me the Bissell Spotbot. Fostering puppies, we have more stains now and I thought my carpets were ruined forever. The last time I cleaned my carpets, I borrowed a friends heavy steam cleaner. It took me several days to clean all of my carpets. This made me feel defeated trying to potty train puppies and unable to keep up with the stains. So, when I received my new Spotbot pet cleaner, I was really excited.

It is easy to use and works very well, I would definitely recommend this to homes that battle with pet stains (or any other stains on their carpets). You can treat both everyday stains and harder to treat stains like wine. Something that I really liked as well was that it is also takes little time. With the bigger machines, I felt like I was wrestling with the heavy containers and dumping the dirty water out. The Spotbot is compact enough that it is easy to fill and dispose of the dirty water. It approximately took four stain treatments before I had to refill and dispose of the dirty water.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

On The Fence

Please Donate Today
I have always had a special place in my heart for animals. I grew up with pets and rescued a few wild animals in my day. Fostering has always been in my heart and when my cousin started her own rescue, I was so proud of her, I am still very proud of her. If I was blessed with the monetary means, I have always dreamed of purchasing a farm and having a no-kill shelter or rescue. I wish that we could continue to foster animals - and I hope that my boyfriend will continue to support me in my conviction to do so. But, it isn't easy. We have carpeting, which now is pretty much ruined (I'm not upset over it - I would prefer to have some form of hard flooring anyway). But, again - when you don't have money, it can make life that much more difficult. So, regardless, I have been scrubbing a lot of stains out of the carpet (unsuccessfully). My boyfriend said that he is going to purchase the Spot Bot, it is suppose to work well on animal stains. I look forward to getting that!
Ripken accompanied me to Petsmart today. He was a perfect gentlemen! I was so proud of him. He was the best behaved pet there! He had a lot of fun smelling all the different smells. The cashier gave him a couple treats, which he had good manners for and didn't snap the treat out of her hand (so proud). Last night he finally brought his paw up when asked for 'paw' and has been doing this consistently. His accidents are lessening as well. He is such a love bug - I will truly miss him when he is adopted out. I keep saying - if I had a fenced in back yard I would totally beg to keep him! Anyone want to donate that for us!! LOL
I would like to ask for donations. There is a donation button on the side of the blog that goes into my Paypal account, if you could donate monetarily. We do not make any $$ fostering, the adoption fees go directly toward their vetting and other expenses such as the fee from the shelter in Kentucky we sprang them from.
Until next time or the next... dream ~ K.E.Nowinsky

Friday, May 3, 2013

Desperately Seeking Ripken's Fur'ever Home


Lab mix, approximately 8 months to a year old. Still in need of a fur'ever home. He is gentle and very loving. If you rub his chest he'll be putty in your hands, this is a calming technique that he thoroughly enjoys. He has a passion for chasing and retrieving balls and the challenge of getting treats out from the Kong toys. As much as he likes to play, he loves to cuddle even more. Could you give Ripken fur'ever home he desperately deserves?
You can e-mail an application request or any other questions, comments or concerns to We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Lovable Pup Rip

Ripken is still in need of a fur'ever home. He is so lovable, cuddly, and would make a loyal family member. He has made a lot of progress since he's been here with us (from the shelter). He is definitely a gentle giant, when I give him a massage he is like putty in my hands. He is part lab, he has the characteristic webbed feet, and has a love of water. He enjoys our evenings outback playing fetch with his toy ball. He is still a puppy, which can be hard to remember because of his size, but he just wants someone to love him forever.

Bye-Bye Poe-Poe

4/28/13 - Poe was adopted by a lovely couple and their four year old dog named Lady. Poe and Lady got along very nicely and Poe seemed to connect with the couple right away, which is awesome. He is going to have a wonderful new family that loves to go hiking and running. They also decided to keep his name "Poe" - they're Raven's fans too. We are so happy for Poe and wish him all the best!

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Meet & Greet

Today is an exciting day - Poe has a meet and greet with his potential fur'ever family (in 2 hours). We are so excited for him and hope that it is a good match! If all goes well with Poe meeting the interested family and their dog, then tomorrow Poe-Poe will be leaving our family and joining another. He will be missed, but knowing that we were able to save him, and ultimately that the meet & greet today goes well and he'll live the rest of him life healthy, happy, and with a loving and caring family will give us ease in knowing he has a better life now.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Poe Update

This Saturday Poe's potential fur'ever home is coming for a 'meet and greet' and hopefully if all goes well they will pick him up Sunday to go home with them. When we originally got home with Poe from the shelter we saved him from, he was a shy, timid dog. Now that he is healthier, he is much happier, and has a lot more energy! Poe will be a wonderful addition to someone's family. I will admit, when Poe goes to his fur'ever home, I will miss his sweetness and he has a certain smell that I like.
P.S. I only had his lead on the post while taking the picture! Having four dogs outside and trying to take pictures was close to impossible (close, but do'able).

Ripken Update

Ripken is doing much-much better! He is this big teddy bear that just wants to cuddle - he might actually think that he's a lapdog (but at 6 months - he's already too big). We have been letting his lead go and he loves to run around out back with our dogs. He is pretty good to listen too (especially when there are treats and a ball to keep him focused). He just wants to be a part of a family. If you are interested e-mail for an application.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Regal Rip

Ripken seems to think he is a lap dog in a St. Bernard body! He makes me laugh though and that is what I love about him. When he is playing with his pal puppy A'ella they always seem to fall off of the couch or off the bed. It doesn't faze him either, he keeps on keepin' on. Today we introduced peanut butter in the Kongs and he was in love!! Even when the peanut butter was all gone, he carried the toy around and kept trying to give it to me like "here, more please." We are still working on his counter surfing, the big boy is  crazy over food! He can't seem to get enough - guess he is a growing boy. He still enjoys playing ball outside and wants to be included in everything.

Princess A'ella

If I could talk my boyfriend into it - I would definitely want to keep this baby girl. She is so precious. Her only downfalls are that she's not quite housebroken (yet! she's making great progress though) and she isn't crate trained (her cry is pitiful). I feel like she has already grown so much in the short time that we have had her here. She is a lot of fun outside, she loves chasing the soccer ball and she is so curious - today she was very interested in big ole' bumble bees. She is so smart and picks up on schedules really quickly. When we were coming inside today her lead got away from me, but she listened very well and went right to the front door, she knew exactly where she was going, like "follow me!" She is dominant over the other boys though and today she got a little too fresh and I had to send some of the dogs to doggie time-out - it happens.


Sly like a fox I tell ya'! I adore this gentlemen, but in the past two days he's managed to ruin some of my clothes, chew the box spring corner of our bed, and I found out that he's not as house-broken as I thought he was. He is still a sweetheart though - and any family would be so lucky to have him. I know with the right placement he would flourish in a more positive way. It is too hard with four dogs (two of them being active puppies) and trying to train and discipline - I am definitely not Cesar Millan (The Dog Whisperer). I keep watching his shows though, hoping that his knowledge will click in my brain and that I really could help these dogs. We saved their lives and are showing them (attempting to show them) how to live within a loving home. I love watching him get excited when playing with the other three dogs (one being my own personal pet) he will hop back and forth, so adorable. If you are interested in Poe (who knows his name as Poe-Poe) e-mail

Friday, April 12, 2013

Ripken the Retriever

Ripken (like his namesake) would make an amazing 3rd baseman. He loves to pounce and chase a ball and
Ripken is dreaming of pop-up balls
he does really well with bringing it back too. This gentle giant has made a lot of progress since he has arrived here, in less than a week! He picked up on the command to 'sit' rather quickly. He was food aggressive when he arrived and I had to feed him in his crate. Then two days later I was letting him eat in the room while touching all over him and letting the dogs come in. When he would start to 'warn' them, I would redirect him that his behavior was not appropriate (if you watch the Dog Whisperer - then you know what I mean). Then I put his lead about 15ft from where the other dogs eat their food (we have been feeding them twice daily). Last night I was brave and let Ripken eat in the kitchen, he did well. He did well again this morning, this evening was a challenge. I have full faith that this lovable guy will learn his manners in no time. My dog has really helped referee his foster brothers and sister. Another great accomplishment Ripken has made was his jealousy factor, I think he really just needed discipline (loving but firm) and guidance (structure and communication). He needed to understand that his behavior was not appropriate and was not going to be tolerated. He just needs lots of love, but someone that won't let him walk all over them either. I love them all, but this big guy has a special place in my heart <3 p="">Until next time or the next... dream ~ K.E.Nowinsky