Friday, June 21, 2013

A'ella Up For Adoption

A'ella the day we brought her
home from the shelter

We have enjoyed this little girl for the past few weeks. Unfortunately, I am unable to give her what she needs. This was a hard decision that we had to make. A'ella is a fiesty, energetic, and fun beagle-pit mix. She's approximately 6 months old. While we've made progress with house training, she still has accidents. But, I am confident with someone that can focus more on her potty training, she'll get-it; she is a smart cookie!
She really should not be in a house with other animals. I have a 19 year old cat, he is well seasoned with dogs and he knows how to 'show them the ropes'. But, nearly two months later and A'ella still does not fully respect the cats space. We have two outside cats as well and if she knows they are around she goes into, what I like to call 'crazy mode'. My cousin introduced us to the gentle leader and this has helped a lot! She doesn't like it, but it makes her listen to your commands and actions.
A'ella is great with kids and people. She is a love bug and when she does nap, she loves to curl up with you. She definitely needs a lot of exercise to get rid of some of her adolescence antics.
We have two other dogs and her energy level can cause outbursts, so I would suggest if she is going to be in a fur'ever home with other animals to seek professional training with her a.s.a.p.
She is a lot of fun to play with, she loves to play with the laser pointer, chasing it around, and she loves squeaky toys. While she had success with learning to fetch, if you leave her with the ball, she will tear into it. She will make someone a great companion. If you are interested email

Friday, June 7, 2013

Wait Watch Wonder: Our Favorite Movies Bloghop

I think that this hop could be fun on different levels. It will sort-of be like seven degrees of sepatration. You write about a favorite movies of yours, visit another site in the hop and comment on their choice, then choose an actress or actor from their movie and write about another movie that they are in... easy enough - right? Join the hop! Visit the site here: Wait Watch Wonder: Our Favorite Movies Bloghop: I have this idea for a bloghop. I have a love for movies so what better way to get a bloghop rolling then sharing our favorite movies. Blog...

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Nothing in Life is Free Training Concept

Techniques for humans to demonstrate the dominant behavior for a dog to understand:

  • "Mount" your dog. This is not an inappropriate behavior, dogs often do this to show dominance, it is not a sexual act.
  • Nip their ear. I would never condone physical abuse, in anyway. But, we have to understand that our dogs life is very physical. If you watch an alpha dog in a pack, they will psychically show their position by holding a pack member down. 
  • Along this train of thought - manipulating a dog to lay on their side while you hold them down is an alpha dog behavior and demonstrates your position within the pack.
  • Claiming. An alpha dog or leader of the pack controls everything and the other members of the pack only get what the alpha gives them. When you are claiming something, the dog cannot take it or make an attempt to take the object until you give them permission.
  • Ignoring. If you do not agree with the dogs behavior, then (when it is appropriate) ignore them. If you reward a negative behavior this is called negative reinforcement and by giving them the wrong recognition you could negatively condition them for their inappropriate behavior. For instance, if a dog jumps up on the couch with you and will not let anyone else near you - they are 'claiming' you - this is not acceptable, and you should remove them (push them off) the couch. They will come to understand this, that you do not agree with their actions. Then, when they are able to demonstrate calm and appropriate behavior, then reward them for that by giving affection in some way.
The smallest pack member can be the leader!
This article is a great resource for pet owners that are dealing with insecure dogs. It really stresses how, in the psychology and hierarchy of dogs, that they have to work for everything. Your canine counterpart, without a reasonable doubt, has to understand that you are alpha, that you are the leader. Through my years of experience I have learned a variety of ways that this can be done. 

Nothing In Life Is Free Article

Aberrant Animals

Aberration Blog Hop:Finding The Most Aberrant Characters

By definition aberrant means the departing of an accepted standard, or the diverging from the normal type (Google search, 2013). Author, Lisa Regan, in celebration of the release of her second novel, Aberration, is hosting the blog hop, which runs through June 6th and 7th. In Aberration, FBI profiler, Kassidy Bishop is on the hunt for a serial killer who is an aberration - a freak - even among serial killers. In lieu of Regan's new novel, the Aberration Bog Hop is to highlight characters that, like the serial killer her main protagonist is searching for, might be labeled as 'different'.

Top 5 Aberrant Characters - Animal Edition

5.) Happy Feet (2006) - Mumble (voiced by Elijah Wood) was considered a 'freak' because he wasn't like all the other penguins. Happy Feet on
4.) Babe (1995) - Babe (voiced by Christine Cavanaugh) was a pig raised by dogs and learned to herd sheep. Babe on
3.) An American Tail (1986) - Warren T. Rat (voiced by John Finnegan) presents himself as a rat but is really a cat! An American Tail on
2.) FernGully: The Last Rainforest (1992) - Baty Koda (voiced by Robin Williams) is a bat that has has been the victim of one too many experiments. FernGully: The Last Rainforest on
1.) Dumbo (1941) - Dumbo's mother actually names him Jumbo Jr., but with his 'freaky' physical features of his large ears, he's quickly renamed by some rude elder elephants. Dumbo on

As a writer, almost like a 'bonus' character I would like to introduce you to Xylo. Xylo is an aberrant character within my first book, Going off Dreams (K.E.Nowinsky). She was not always different, but because of her choices in life, she has been transformed into a woodland dryad that is cursed with her indiscretions. To read more about the Woodland Dryad General, Xylo - read Going off Dreams.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Update: Ripken

Adopt a Lovable Teddy Bear!!

Ripken has really been impressing me lately. He is definitely maturing and is getting the hang of living in a home. I would no longer label him as "food aggressive"! Rip has really learned his feeding time etiquette. He no longer rushes or tries to eat the other dogs food. He eats his bowel and then sits and waits until feeding time is over. When we (the humans) are eating, he no longer begs and acts inappropriately. We are very proud of our lovable teddy bear and know that he is going to make someone an awesome companion!
To see his progress is amazing. I know he'll only continue to learn and do well. In the beginning I knew he was going to need training and patience. He tested me in the beginning, but I have fallen in love with him. I really really hope we can find him a lovable, responsible, awesome home for him! He has been doing really well on walks as well. A professional suggested and utilized the Gentle Leader tool and it was a great success. We have also been using the retractable leash with him when he is allowed to explore more. 
We have two dogs already, or else I would be extremely tempted to keep Rip. He would be awesome with kids. He is really gentle too (doesn't have a strong bite tendency) even when he is playing with his ball, he doesn't carry it far before he lets it fall from his grip. He just wants to cuddle and to be loved. If you are interested please visit Rainbow Tails Rescue  When you e-mail them ( you will receive a reply with an application to be completed. This is to ensure that he is going to a deserving home. Because we believe he does deserve the best home possible. We are located in Harford County Maryland, so if you or someone you know is looking to add a wonderful addition to their family, please share this!! Thank you - we look forward to hearing from you soon.