Monday, May 20, 2013

Ripken Update

Ripken is doing a wonderful job. He is going to make someone a very special dog. Being a large dog breed, he needs exercise and structure. He has been doing pretty well with potty training. He is an insecure dog (not aggressive). Because of his insecurity he can exhibit anxiety. If he does not exert his energy levels then his anxiety can lead to him chewing (i.e. clothes), he is crate trained. He really would benefit from an active family with a fenced in backyard. He does enjoy playing with other dogs, but he may not be too keen on smaller breeds. He is a love bug though! He loves to curl up. With his brown hooded marking, I tell him all the time that he is a big teddy bear. We try to play around with the dogs every evening, and Ripken is finally learning how to 'play' (other then fetch). My dog Bryan is nearly 100 pounds, and they enjoy playing 'tug-a-rope'. He is trainable too, he now knows his commands for 'sit', 'paw', and we started for the first time today with 'speak' and he pretty well, we are also working on 'stay'. Trying to train two puppies is definitely testing my patience.
As Ripken is maturing, it is getting easier though. He is approximately 9 months to a year old, I believe he is a chocolate lab mix. His unique features are his back duclaws and his mismatched paw'nails. Some are dark, and some are light. His chocolate lab hood markings (his head is dark brown) and his eyes are magnificent. My niece Eryn who will be 8, fell in love with him, and Ripken adored her too. He would be wonderful with children. I would not let the kids go near him while he is eating, we are still working on his anxiety levels with feeding, which can be interpreted as food aggression. He desperately needs a family that will love him and I know he will show them unconditional love too. I say desperately, because the longer he is here the more he is going to think this is 'his' home. If you are interested in inquiring about Ripken, please e-mail
So adorable and loving!