Thursday, June 6, 2013

Nothing in Life is Free Training Concept

Techniques for humans to demonstrate the dominant behavior for a dog to understand:

  • "Mount" your dog. This is not an inappropriate behavior, dogs often do this to show dominance, it is not a sexual act.
  • Nip their ear. I would never condone physical abuse, in anyway. But, we have to understand that our dogs life is very physical. If you watch an alpha dog in a pack, they will psychically show their position by holding a pack member down. 
  • Along this train of thought - manipulating a dog to lay on their side while you hold them down is an alpha dog behavior and demonstrates your position within the pack.
  • Claiming. An alpha dog or leader of the pack controls everything and the other members of the pack only get what the alpha gives them. When you are claiming something, the dog cannot take it or make an attempt to take the object until you give them permission.
  • Ignoring. If you do not agree with the dogs behavior, then (when it is appropriate) ignore them. If you reward a negative behavior this is called negative reinforcement and by giving them the wrong recognition you could negatively condition them for their inappropriate behavior. For instance, if a dog jumps up on the couch with you and will not let anyone else near you - they are 'claiming' you - this is not acceptable, and you should remove them (push them off) the couch. They will come to understand this, that you do not agree with their actions. Then, when they are able to demonstrate calm and appropriate behavior, then reward them for that by giving affection in some way.
The smallest pack member can be the leader!
This article is a great resource for pet owners that are dealing with insecure dogs. It really stresses how, in the psychology and hierarchy of dogs, that they have to work for everything. Your canine counterpart, without a reasonable doubt, has to understand that you are alpha, that you are the leader. Through my years of experience I have learned a variety of ways that this can be done. 

Nothing In Life Is Free Article