Happy Tails

Family That Found Their Fur'ever Home:

This was not a successful adoption :( Ripken had a hard time with the transition as the new family was moving as well. They had to return Ripken and reported that he showed signs of aggression. We have put Ripken through a series of tests testing his behavior, we have not seen what the family had reported. We still have hope for Ripken!!

7/4/13 - Ripken found his fur'ever home. I had posted on Facebook how Ripken and A'ella needed to find their forever (fur'ever) homes. A friend replied and it's all history from there! They came to meet the lovable teddy bear on the 4th of July. They brought their one year old to make sure that the two meshed well together and it was a huge success. Ripken is now in a new loving family that will give him the love, attention, and life that he deserves (a wonderful one!) We are ecstatic for all of them. The pictures are priceless too.

4/28/13 - Poe was adopted by a lovely couple and their four year old dog named Lady. Poe and Lady got along very nicely and Poe seemed to connect with the couple right away, which is awesome. He is going to have a wonderful new family that loves to go hiking and running. They also decided to keep his name "Poe" - they're Raven's fans too. We are so happy for Poe and wish him all the best!
6/2013 - update: It was a hard decision, but we have decided to continue to foster the baby girl. We do love her and if she never has another inquiry that would be o.k. with me. But, at the time we made the decision to put her up for adoption, we also had another foster dog and her energy can create chaos within a pack. But, now that it just our dog Bryan and her, it seems to be much easier and more manageable. We'll see...
4/2013 - A'ella has found her fur'ever home (with us!) She captivated our hearts, we enjoy our evenings outside at night kicking the soccer ball around. Lil'bit (as we like to call her) loves to curl up with us and have a snooze while we watch TV. Princess A'ella has learned to 'sit', 'paw', 'high five', and we're working on 'down'. We're still working on potty training, but she's still a baby. She may have a scar on her right ear, she dared her new brother while he was eating his food, she tried to share and he wouldn't have it. She is feisty, that little annoying sister, but they are forming a bond and they seem to already love each other.