Friday, April 12, 2013

Ripken the Retriever

Ripken (like his namesake) would make an amazing 3rd baseman. He loves to pounce and chase a ball and
Ripken is dreaming of pop-up balls
he does really well with bringing it back too. This gentle giant has made a lot of progress since he has arrived here, in less than a week! He picked up on the command to 'sit' rather quickly. He was food aggressive when he arrived and I had to feed him in his crate. Then two days later I was letting him eat in the room while touching all over him and letting the dogs come in. When he would start to 'warn' them, I would redirect him that his behavior was not appropriate (if you watch the Dog Whisperer - then you know what I mean). Then I put his lead about 15ft from where the other dogs eat their food (we have been feeding them twice daily). Last night I was brave and let Ripken eat in the kitchen, he did well. He did well again this morning, this evening was a challenge. I have full faith that this lovable guy will learn his manners in no time. My dog has really helped referee his foster brothers and sister. Another great accomplishment Ripken has made was his jealousy factor, I think he really just needed discipline (loving but firm) and guidance (structure and communication). He needed to understand that his behavior was not appropriate and was not going to be tolerated. He just needs lots of love, but someone that won't let him walk all over them either. I love them all, but this big guy has a special place in my heart <3 p="">Until next time or the next... dream ~ K.E.Nowinsky