Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Princess A'ella

If I could talk my boyfriend into it - I would definitely want to keep this baby girl. She is so precious. Her only downfalls are that she's not quite housebroken (yet! she's making great progress though) and she isn't crate trained (her cry is pitiful). I feel like she has already grown so much in the short time that we have had her here. She is a lot of fun outside, she loves chasing the soccer ball and she is so curious - today she was very interested in big ole' bumble bees. She is so smart and picks up on schedules really quickly. When we were coming inside today her lead got away from me, but she listened very well and went right to the front door, she knew exactly where she was going, like "follow me!" She is dominant over the other boys though and today she got a little too fresh and I had to send some of the dogs to doggie time-out - it happens.