Friday, July 5, 2013

Ripken's Rescue

Yesterday, the 4th of July, our lovable teddy bear was adopted. He's in a new home now and has a wonderful family that will give him the awesome home he so desperately deserves.

Thinking Back

When we first picked him up from the transport, he was filthy and I remember thinking that he was a big puppy. But, his cuteness was his saving grace sometimes. When we brought him home I bathed him (twice) and groomed him. He looked like a different dog once we cared for him. His journey was a shaky one at first. We were worried because of some of his behaviors, which if you have followed his progress you are aware of how far he's come. Seeing Ripken leave with his new family made all the trials we went through worth it. All the
clothes he destroyed or ate, the electrical chords he chewed through, all the training... I know that through our trials and tribulations, seeing him behaving appropriately with new people, especially a one year old, was great.
We took this dog from a shelter and brought him into our home, in attempts to train him so that he could have a better chance with a successful adoption. His new family has been in contact with me and reported that he is a joy and adjusting well. The pictures speak for themselves as well. I am so happy for Ripken.

And here we are... 

We finally found the right home. He has a fenced in back-yard and a little human to play with. He is going to an experienced family, their previous canine companion was a St. Bernard! They reported that they have a lot of tennis balls (which Ripken absolutely loves) so I am confident that he is happy, healthy, and secure.

People have questioned "How can you do that?" In reference to letting go of the dogs. It's simple for me really. I knew from the start the goal, to foster shelter dogs so that they can have the chance to acclimate to a home environment to give them a better chance of a successful adoption. Seeing them go to their new families is a happy experience. We gave these dogs this chance, otherwise they may have never of been adopted.
To all the families out there that have adopted rescue or shelter dogs - Thank You!!