Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Spot-on Spotbot

For Mother's day my boyfriend and son bought me the Bissell Spotbot. Fostering puppies, we have more stains now and I thought my carpets were ruined forever. The last time I cleaned my carpets, I borrowed a friends heavy steam cleaner. It took me several days to clean all of my carpets. This made me feel defeated trying to potty train puppies and unable to keep up with the stains. So, when I received my new Spotbot pet cleaner, I was really excited.

It is easy to use and works very well, I would definitely recommend this to homes that battle with pet stains (or any other stains on their carpets). You can treat both everyday stains and harder to treat stains like wine. Something that I really liked as well was that it is also takes little time. With the bigger machines, I felt like I was wrestling with the heavy containers and dumping the dirty water out. The Spotbot is compact enough that it is easy to fill and dispose of the dirty water. It approximately took four stain treatments before I had to refill and dispose of the dirty water.