Sunday, July 14, 2013

Ripken's Return

It's been a learning experience, even when we thought he had a great future with a great new family, not everything works out the way you envision. Unfortunately, Ripken didn't work out in his new home. It was reported that he showed signs of aggression toward their 1 year old son and male visitors they had come into their home. When we were working and testing Ripken around children, he did not show any signs of aggression toward any of the kids that we had him around. Since I have had him back, the first night he growled at my dog Bryan, but has since been absolutely fine. He has not shown a single ounce of aggression toward people.
As I reported before, he does has crate issues if other dogs come around his crate (especially while he is eating). We have been taking special care to keep the other two dogs away from Rip while he is in his crate to avoid any of these behaviors. Ripken is totally crate trained and since we have had him back I am thrilled to report he has not had a single accident inside of the house. We have him on a strict schedule and this really has been working well. I believe he would be best with a family that do not have other pets or young children. My nieces are 8 and 7 and he was putty in their hands. My cousin's (+Rainbow Tails Rescue)  nephews are a little younger and she reported that Rip was great with them as well. He needs to have daily exercise and a fenced in back yard would be preferable. We believe he is a chocolate lab mix with possibly a bermeise mountain dog. He is approximately 8 months to a year old, he's a big puppy. His unique features are his eyes and he has his duclaws. He's a big teddy bear - goof ball that needs a loving, patient home.
If you would like to inquire about Ripken, you can email