Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Sly like a fox I tell ya'! I adore this gentlemen, but in the past two days he's managed to ruin some of my clothes, chew the box spring corner of our bed, and I found out that he's not as house-broken as I thought he was. He is still a sweetheart though - and any family would be so lucky to have him. I know with the right placement he would flourish in a more positive way. It is too hard with four dogs (two of them being active puppies) and trying to train and discipline - I am definitely not Cesar Millan (The Dog Whisperer). I keep watching his shows though, hoping that his knowledge will click in my brain and that I really could help these dogs. We saved their lives and are showing them (attempting to show them) how to live within a loving home. I love watching him get excited when playing with the other three dogs (one being my own personal pet) he will hop back and forth, so adorable. If you are interested in Poe (who knows his name as Poe-Poe) e-mail Rainbowtails@hotmail.com.